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Maximise & Enhance your Auction Results

With auctions playing such an important role in real estate transactions, Auctions Live further enhances this role by positively influencing results for real estate agents and their vendors through the use of our game-changing technology.

Auctions Live revolutionary technology has been specifically designed to ignite bidders, whilst providing vendors with a competitive advantage throughout the entire auction campaign.

Key System Benefits to Vendors

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Social Media Integration

Increase your property’s exposure, by reaching an untapped market of prospective buyers.

Bidder Registration Insight

Gain valuable knowledge prior to auction day as to the number of qualified bidders.

Property Presentations

Highlight your property’s features, prior to the bidding frenzy during in-room auctions.

Live Bid Capturing

Providing a clear & transparent process to assist the auctioneer in keeping the bids flowing.

Live Streaming

Connecting your on-site & online audience, assists you in getting the best possible result for your property.

Live Enquiry Forms

Attract prospective buyers to immediately make an offer, should your property be passed in.

Your property and live bid capturing will be displayed directly on your real estate agency’s website, making it simple and easy to attract and build your online audience, as well as providing you with a live stream of your auction – enabling you to monitor bidders and bids, while providing you with the opportunity to amend your reserve, accordingly based on live data insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take my property to auction?

By taking your property to auction, you inadvertently remove the property price as a barrier. And by removing the price as a barrier, you increase the number of potential buyers for your property, and assist in driving competition and creating a sense of urgency.

What should I look for in an Auctioneer?

Vendors are often provided with numerous choices when selecting an Auctioneer, and should not just simply choose any Auctioneer when selling their most prized asset.

Before selecting an Auctioneer, you should research various Auctioneers who operate in your local area, and view their past auction videos and clips.

AUCTIONS LIVE does not recommend selecting an Auctioneer purely based on price. When choosing an Auctioneer, you should also look for their ability to read the auction floor, ability to read body language and ability to defuse tension.

What is a key benefit to me as the Vendor in using AUCTIONS LIVE, compared to other services?

AUCTIONS LIVE provides a multitude of benefits to vendors, and one of the key benefits vendors experience is the ability to have their property showcased as the star, and not competing with other properties and rival agents. AUCTIONS LIVE assists in promoting upcoming auctions through integrated social media sharing in an effort to increase registered bidder interest and online enquiries related to upcoming auctions.

Advanced Digital Auction Solution

For Real Estate Agencies, Auction Houses and Independent Auctioneers